Staff directory


Executive Director
(360) 352-8597 x 102

Robert has been the Executive Director of Thurston County Food Bank for over ten years. During that time, Robert facilitated TCFB’s growth from a single site in downtown Olympia to a regional food distribution center with over 70 sub-distribution locations. Robert was born in Germany and speaks English as a second language. In his off hours, Robert enjoys spending time with his wife and two adult children, day hiking, and science fiction.


Operations Manager, WDC
(360) 352-8597 x 101

Andrew is the Warehouse and `Center Operations Manager. He keeps the wheels rolling and the food flowing. He oversees our food procurement drivers and makes sure all of our service centers get the food and products they need to operate.

Andrew is a 2nd generation Food Bank employee. He first volunteered here when he was just 9 years old! In his spare time, he enjoys making silent wind chimes out of used teabags and happy little slugs.

Lacey‘s Food Pantry Operations Manager
Nutrition Team Coordinator

(360) 352-8597 x 251

Eileen is the Nutrition Education Manager and Lacey Olympia Food Pantry Operations Manager at the TCFB. She spends half of her time working in Nutrition Ed and half managing the Lacey Olympia Food Pantry. When not at work, Eileen enjoys spending time with her dog Wooshy, hiking, and making quilts.

Operations Manager, Olympia’s Food Pantry
(360) 352-8597 x 205

Hope is the Olympia Food Pantry Operations Manager. She keeps all the plates spinning at the Pantry – overseeing the Client Services, Basic Food, CSFP, SNAP-Ed, and the Nutrition Programs, as well as all the distribution from Downtown Olympia.

Development Director
(360) 352-8597 x 203

Judy is the Development Director at Thurston County Food Bank. She works to cultivate and strengthen relationships to sustain and further the work of the Food Bank. She was born in Seattle, raised in Milwaukee, WI and returned to WA almost 30 years ago.

Terra started at Thurston County Food Bank in July 2013 as our bookkeeper. She enjoys getting out of her office and helping serve clients on the floor.


Warehouse Coordinator
(360) 352-8597 x 108

Adam started as a volunteer for Thurston County Food Bank over ten years ago. Now, as the Warehouse Coordinator, he makes deliveries, manages product, and generally keeps everything running! Adam enjoys cooking, being outdoors, and his motorcycle. He does NOT like meetings.

Gleaning Coordinator
Development Assistant
(360) 352-8597 x 111

As the Gleaning Coordinator since 2017, Allison works with local farms to bring fresh, nutritious produce to our clients. In 2021, she added the role of Development Assistant, to work with our Development Director on outreach efforts. Her first career was a ballet dancer with The Washington Ballet in D.C. and her grandfather designed the Banana Box!

WDC Volunteer Coordinator
(360) 352-8597 x 105

Aryn (she/her) is the Volunteer Coordinator at the Tumwater Warehouse/Distribution Center. She first started volunteering at the Food Bank in the spring of 2020 and then worked with the Summer Lunch Program delivering meals throughout Lacey. When she is not coordinating volunteers, you can find her hiking, playing and singing along with her guitar, or playing some sort of board game with friends.

Volunteer Coordinator, Olympia Food Pantry
(360) 352-8597 x 207

Ben is the Volunteer Coordinator for the downtown Olympia Food Pantry.  He enjoys implementing adaptive management solutions to the unique problems inherent to fighting food insecurity.  In his off time, Ben enjoys the simple pleasures of bilateral symmetry and being a carbon based lifeform. Ben is the Volunteer Coordinator for the downtown Olympia Food Pantry.  He enjoys implementing adaptive management solutions to the unique problems inherent to fighting food insecurity.  In his off time, Ben enjoys the simple pleasures of bilateral symmetry and being a carbon based lifeform.

Client Service Group Lead
Basic Food, CSFP, Client services
(360) 352-8597 x 212

Berenice is the rainbow sparkle of the downtown drive-up. In addition to her robust professional and volunteer background, Ms. B is informed by her love of quality creative and collaborative time with her wildly talented family. B habla español.

Food Demonstration, Nutrition Education Coordinator
(360) 352-8597 x 207

Claudia has been with the Food Bank since 2017.  She came to us as a volunteer and was soon hired as our Food Demo-Nutrition Education Coordinator.  Claudia collects lava lamps and enjoys listening to TOOL while she paints Peace Rocks to stash round her neighborhood

(360) 972-6027

Satellite & Mobile Program Coordinator
(360) 352-8597 x 106

Dean coordinates the building and distribution of TCFB deliveries to Satellite and Mobile Partners while monitoring operations to ensure accordance with local, state, and federal regulations. He once tried to join a traveling circus, but after finding out his only task would be coating nachos with cheese, opted to work at a cannery instead.

Volunteer Coordinator,
Lacey’s Food Pantry
(360) 352-8597 x 252

Helen (she/her) is the Volunteer Coordinator at Lacey’s Food Pantry. Helen started with the Food Bank as an AmeriCorps volunteer with the School Gardens Program. She is a skilled visual artist, a mediocre guitar player, and an atrocious former standup comedian.

Nutrition Educator

Holly is a Nutrition Educator here at Thurston County Food Bank and works with 3rd and 4th graders. Previously, Holly was a Spanish teacher for K-12. She has three unique boys, a loving dog and a grumpy cat. You might spot her bright pink hair wandering around the Olympia Food Pantry.

Program Manager
(360) 352-8597 x 103

Isaac helps run the food bank’s government commodity programs. creates reports, and helps manage IT needs. In his spare time, he works with Tenino Young-at-Heart Theatre, and other theatre companies in the region.

Kiwanis Gardens Coordinator
(360) 584-2402

Mackenzie is the Kiwanis Food Bank Gardens Coordinator, helping to raise more than 20,000 pounds of fresh organic produce for food bank clients. She has been farming for ten years and has been growing food for the food bank community for the past four. In addition to staying dirty in the fields, Mackenzie enjoys knitting, hiking in the PNW woods, and traveling. She and her best dog-friend Arrow go almost everywhere together.

School Gardens Coordinator
(360) 352-8597 x 223

Michaela has been the School Gardens Program Coordinator since 2013. Along with our School Gardens AmeriCorps and college interns, you can find her in local schools and community gardens.  Her passion is teaching children to observe the wonder of nature and love of locally grown food.

Driver Team Lead
(360) 972-6209

FORKids, Other Bank & Summer Lunch Coordinator
(360) 352-8597 x 104

Morgan has been with the food bank since 2010. Currently she coordinates the FORKids weekend meal bag program, Summer Lunch program, and the Other Bank program.

Olympia’s Food Pantry Client Services Coordinator
(360) 352-8597 x 209

Will is a Client Services Coordinator at the Thurston County Food Bank. He is responsible for helping clients utilize the Food Bank’s resources, and for connecting clients to additional resources outside the Food Bank. His background is in sustainable agriculture and food security, and he feels privileged and excited to be working in direct service during a time of crisis in his community. He likes floral prints, classical music, and big dogs.

Lacey’s Food Pantry Client Services Manager

(360) 352-8597 x 253

Zenaida is the Basic Food and Client Services Coordinator at the Lacey Food Pantry.

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