Just For Kids

Kids line up for summer lunches at the Thurston County Food Bank van Olympia Washington

The FORKids Program was created to assist children in our community that struggle with hunger.

Proper nutrition is critical for growing children. The programs below aim to lessen the burden that hunger and poverty place on children in need.

ForKids Weekend Food Bag

 Working with counselors and teachers in local elementary schools, the Food Bank provides weekend food bags to children who rely on free and reduced cost lunch programs during the school week.

Birthday Bags

Parents with children (up to age 12) can request a birthday bag when they pick up groceries at the Food Bank. The birthday bag contains cake mix and frosting, small gifts, books and party favors to support a family celebration.

Summer Lunches

Children who rely on free and reduced-cost lunch programs during the school year are left without support during the summer months. The Summer Lunch Program is a collaboration with other youth-focused non profits to ensure that children in need receive nutritious lunches throughout the summer. Lunches are delivered to children’s programs around the country and delivered via Food Bank vans operating on fixed routes.

Newborn Baby Bags

If you are expecting or have a newborn up to 2 months old tell us so we can give you a Newborn Baby Bag.

Food Pantry Clients If you are an expecting parent or have a newborn, let us know at your next visit so you can receive your Newborn Baby Bag with goodies.  It has new essential and handmade items that every new parent needs

 Clientes de la Despensa de Alimentos, Si es un padre o madre que espera un bebé o tiene un recién nacido, avísenos en su próxima visita para que pueda recibir su Bolsa de Bebé recién nacido con golosinas. Tiene nuevos artículos esenciales y hechos a mano que todo nuevo padre necesita

Call (360) 352-8597 x 212 for information about the Newborn Baby Bag.

Other questions about programs for kids?  Call 360.352.8597 x104 or

Working to end hunger in our community