Calling all «Phase 2» Volunteers

Since Quarantine began, the Thurston County Food Bank has continued to serve our community. As a valuable resource, we not only distribute food items, but we also distribute household and hygiene items during the Other Bank distribution on the second Wednesday of each month. The need for this resource has only grown. We’ve also decentralized our distribution model – meaning we have added «Pop-up» sites across Thurston County to better offer this resource to the community while honoring each individual’s safety and quarantine needs. During Phase 1 and the initial Quarantine time, we met so many wonderful community members who came to volunteer. This includes workers who found themselves now home, students, and the National Guard.

With the start of Phase 2, many of our Phase 1 volunteers have returned to their workplace. This is also true for our National Guard who have moved on to other assignments. This has left us light-handed with volunteers. We continue to serve the community out of the Downtown Client Service Center, thought partners and the community Pop-Ups.

We need Phase 2 help.

If you are interested in lending a hand as our world begins to reintegrate, we would love to talk with you! We need people who are able to help us pack food, move boxes, and help distribute to our community!! Would you please consider volunteering time supporting this community resource?

Please email Allison for more information on all the opportunities: